Photography for New
Premier Inn Website


As you know, to assist our customers, the new Premier Inn website will feature photographs of every hotel. Ian Jackson and his team of photographers at Associated Media will undertake the task of taking the images of all the Premier Inn estate.

To assist in the planning of this task, please complete the form below, and send it back to Associated Media by using the ‘send’ button at the bottom. Many thanks.

Hotel Name:

Hotel Postcode:

Manager’s Name (completing this form):


The following information is vital in getting the best views of your hotel.

The sun falls on the best aspect of this hotel -
(This need not be the front of the hotel, but the aspect that sells your hotel at its best).
(please tick only one box)


       Morning only


       Afternoon only


       All day


       It doesn’t fall on the front (North facing)


Additional photography of interiors.
Additional interior photographs can be taken for local marketing purposes. There is an additional cost to this which will be charged to the hotel. Please tick below your choice. (Only one box, please).


I do NOT require any additional photography of the hotel interiors.




I require additional photography of interiors at a cost of £175.00 + VAT. This will be charged to your hotel.
Additional photographs include bar, restaurant and reception interiors (up to 6 additional photos).Any additional photos will be charged at £50 per photo and must be agreed in advance.
(You will be contacted to arrange suitable times).